An electric guitar and a microphone on our dock looking out on the lake


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  • a unique Nature-Retreat recording experience
  • highest-quality digital recording equipment and software
  • 20 years of songwriting and recording expertise
  • promotion & exposure assistance

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Wutnot Sound delivers a unique and refreshing recording experience for
musicians of all ages, backgrounds, and genres.  

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Sunshine on the surface of the lake

We provide:

  • Personalized and supportive feedback that encourages your best performance, and helps you to make the best recordings you’ve ever made.
  • Excellent quality digital recordings of your project, using the most current professional recording software and custom built audio workstation.
  • An inspiring recording environment, located on a small pristine lake surrounded by forested trails.
  • Opportunities to explore the grounds: go for a canoe ride, swim, fish, or hike through the many trails which connect to our 7-acre property.

Share your vision, dreams and artistic goals and we will create a personal experience for you that will inspire your creativity.

Services & Details

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Steve playing his guitar beside the lake

Recording Studio Equipment

  • Cubase 7 and WaveLab 8 digital recording software
  • Custom Built PC – i7 processor, Windows 7
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 Midi instrument software, and controller keyboard
  • Shure SM58 and SM57 microphones, and numerous others
  • Gibson and Fender electric guitars
  • Accoustic guitars
  • Pianos, organs, and numerous orchestral instruments 


  • Musical support and backing instrumentation (and vocals) provided upon request
  • Small home-based recording studio  
  • Located in a beautiful rural setting on a small lake near the east gate of Algonquin Park in Ontario
  • Unique nature-retreat setting


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The studio, with outdoor view and some of the equipment

Promotion Services

  • Public listening exposure and potential sales for your artistic creations. 
  • Development of your own musical website, where you can share and sell your songs online.
  • Exposure to local radio stations to help promote your finished recordings.  
  • Promotion of your music via our own internet site that showcases a sample of your music, and provides links to your personal web page.

Live Events

  • Sound Technician services for live events in the Madawaska, Barry’s Bay, Whitney, Lake St. Peter, Wilno, and Algonquin Park areas.  
  • 400-watt PA system, two 500-watt speakers, mixing consoles,
    multiple professional grade microphones, and all required
    cables and equipment are provided.  
  • Friendly support and feedback to performers.



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Our general fee is $40 per hour for studio recording.  If you choose to create only one or two sound-recordings, you'll be charged the $40 hourly rate.

Custom Packages are available to suit individual needs.  All pricing will be determined and agreed on beforehand.  Some suggested pricing and packages are listed as a guideline below:

Package #1

Services Provided Cost 10 Hours of Recording Services (Most Basic)
- includes initial recording sessions and mixing/final production 
- ideal for 5-6 recorded songs
$400 (@ $40 per hour)
- Client does not require additional support (musical instruments, vocals, etc.). No additional cost Use of facilities on property/lake/surrounding area
- during the agreed-upon time (mixing, mastering)
No additional cost

Package #2

Services Provided Cost 15 Hours of Recording Services 
- includes initial recording sessions and mixing/final production 
- ideal for 8 recorded songs
$600 (@ $40 per hour)
- Client requires additional support (musical instruments, vocals, etc.). $50 per song, Negotiable-depending on client needs Use of facilities on property 
- during the agreed-upon time (mixing, mastering)    
No additional cost
    Total = $1000 ($600 + $400 for musical support)

* Any combination of the above services is available, and Custom Packages are available to suit individual client needs.


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Lovely is a simple wish for us, humanity, to rise to our true potential.
‚ÄčAlbum - The Rag & Bone Sessions:


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Some examples of our work.

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The Change (Night Version)

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Rusty Can

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Solitary Way

About the Producer

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Stevie ‘Wutnot’ Bereza has been recording original compositions of his own, and of his friends, since 1995.  He has developed his supportive coaching style and sensitive ears through numerous recording sessions with many friends and collaborators, who have appreciated his musical contributions and ‘sound’ advice over the years.  As a Producer, Stevie has progressed and tuned his recording skills over time by using all types of equipment—ranging from the old ‘4-track’ cassette recorders right up through the modern day use of computers and multi-tracking digital software.

Stevie’s band is “Stevie and the Wutnots”, which continually evolves and changes, depending on who is around, what instruments they play, and what they can contribute to a song or a recording.  Some song files from band members (the Wutnots) are now being recorded and shared across great distances via the internet.

In his previous life, Stevie has been a teacher of English Literature and Drama in numerous international schools around the world—in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Mongolia, Tanzania, Guatemala… and he even taught in Ontario!  As a Drama teacher, Stevie has directed and prepared sound recordings for several musical variety shows and plays that were successfully performed by students for the local communities.  He cherishes all of the wonderful friends he has made, and all of the amazing experiences he has had in his travels.

Stevie welcomes entire bands to record at Wutnot Sound and to stay in his house for a very affordable rate for the duration of the recording experience.  Give him a call! :) 

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Contact Info

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Please call for an appointment, and we will be happy to give you specific driving directions to the studio over the phone.  We discourage any “drop-ins” because they interfere with the personal care we provide to our currently recording clients.  Thank you so much for your understanding!

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